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We are a professional animal removal company headquartered in Eugene, and servicing all of Lane County, OR. We solve problems with wild critters in the home and around the property. We handle animals such as squirrels, raccoons, skunks, rats, mice, opossums, and even snakes, bats, and birds. We most commonly receive calls about scratching sounds in your attic, or digging in your lawn, or many other critter problems. We not only remove animals, but we provide a wide array of services, from animal damage repairs, preventative home repairs, attic cleaning, and more. We are fully licensed and insured in Oregon, and we answer our phones 24/7. Call us now at (541) 205-4727 for a free price quote and to schedule a same-day or next day appointment for animal removal.

Our wildlife control strategies are humane, effective, environmentally friendly and also align with the laws of the state. Our company is one of the largest wildlife control companies in the metropolitan area, and has an expert assigned to your area. Our nuisance wildlife professionals respond to your call and arrive at your property as soon as you want us to. Our company uses up-to-date training methods, and our experts attend industry seminars to stay abreast with the latest wildlife control equipment and strategies in the industry. Our company is veteran owned and operated, fully licensed and insured. Our services are designed for both residential and commercial properties - no job is too big or too small for our seasoned professionals. We have been recognized as the best animal control company in the county and has been voted 3 consecutive times as the #1 company for nuisance wildlife. Our wildlife control experts work every day of the week and are always available to answer whenever you call. Our world-class services are affordable; you won’t break the bank to afford us. Our company has been in the business of wildlife control for 15 years and counting. We listen to your animal problems and are happy to give you free quotes over the phone

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Eugene Wildlife Trapper Tip of the Month:
Opossum vs Possums

Are opossums and possums same animal?

Some people think that both opossums and possums are the same, but the answer is ''NO''. They both are different from each other because opossums live in North America while possums live in other countries like Australia. They both are closely related to Kangaroos. They both belong to the Marsupials from the Didelphimorphia specie. They both possess different characteristics and habits. They both look slightly similar to each other, but both are quite different.


Opossums are marsupials native to the Americas. White faces and sharp teeth distinguish them. Opossums may be unjust, are regarded as fierce creatures, probably due to the sharp teeth that characterize the Virginia opossum. They are as cozy in the trees as they are on the ground.

Characteristics: Diet
Opossums are omnivores, and they are not picky eaters while they usually eat anything they can get. These hunters are attracted to carrion and are often seen set upon dumpsters and garbage cans near human residences and homes.

A female opossum produces birth less than two weeks after coupling, the shortest maturation period of any North American mammal. Up to 20 small babies, no bigger than a grain of rice, make a faithless crawl to the mother’s pouch, expedition less than half of them will live.

Opossums are antisocial and gloomy creatures, even though younger ones are sometimes seen during the day. Female opossums may be seen with their young, or hunt with other females, but males are areal loners and couple with females only during mating. The opossum’s most well-known behavior connects to the way the animal reacts when frightened.

Possums are marsupial jargon to Australia and some and other neighboring Oceanic countries and are usually tree-dwelling. Prehensile tails characterize them. There are around 70 different breeds of possums, most of them will be found in Australia and other parts of Oceania. They are generally woody (tree-dwelling) animals. Common varieties of possum include the long tail possum and ringtail possum. Possums are nocturnal creatures. Which means their tails act like a fifth limb. It allows possums to use their tails to clutch and hang from tree branches.



Possums are generally herbivores (plant eaters), particular eucalyptus and other leaves, ferns, buds, flowers, and fruits. Possums are familiar to be long-suffering of many plant toxins and will eat trees that other animals find toxic. Possums can eat insects, moths, grubs, snails, birds' eggs, and baby birds.


In one Queensland population, males need a month of associating with females before they can mate with them. Females have a reproduction period of 16–18 days, after which they give birth to a single young. A newborn possum is only 1.5 cm long and weighs only 2 g. The newborn baby may climb, unaided, through the female's fur and into the pouch and attach to a teet.


Possum fur is lovely smooth and silky as long as the perfect insulation and soft, light garments. Right now, up to 10,000 possums are commercially killed in Tasmania for the need of domestic fur and skin market. Possums are mainly the cousins of opossums having a thick and long tail, just like squirrels.

We have discussed the main difference between opossum and the possum in the above article about their breed, specie, diet, reproduction, and animal behavior. Thus, the opossums and possums are both different from each other.

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