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Squirrel baffles: Which is best?

Squirrel baffles: Which is best? The smart squirrels find no difficulty in climbing at the poles. So, the birdfeeders are always at danger because these creatures always feel desire for the crunchy & tempting bird seeds. So, it is imperative to make the proper arrangements to keep them away. In this scenario, the best possible solution is a squirrel baffle.

Squirrel baffles – It is a kind of protective shield that makes sure to impede these fast running & naughty creatures from reaching inside the birdfeeder or harm your nesting. But the question that may arise in your mind is, 'Does it work?' So, the answer is YES! It does. It not only guards the birdhouses against the squirrels but other stubborn animals as well. A quality squirrel baffle will also keep the bird seeds in its correct & proper place, securing the food from severe weather conditions.

Essential considerations for buying the right Squirrel baffle

When purchasing the squirrel baffles for the very first time, you must consider the below points. These points will help you avoid the wrong choice & buy the best squirrel baffle for your needs.

#1: Material
When it comes to the squirrel baffle, it is usually available in two materials, i.e., metal and plastic. You must buy the one that seems defiant to the chewing of squirrels and other animals. Any of the two available materials can be useful, but it majorly depends on your requirements. Baffles that are made of metals can rust, so if you live in a rainy or humid area, you can buy the one made with the most high-quality plastic.

#2: Size
Even before going to purchase a baffle, you need to measure your birdfeeder accurately. If you know the accurate size, you can choose the best-fit baffle that can cover your birdhouse easily.

#3: Design
There are a variety of designs available, when it comes to the baffle, such as a pole, cone, platform & oval-shaped, etc. You must choose the one keeping in mind feeder as well as your place where the birdfeeder is installed.

#4: Price
When it comes to the price, you will find a variety of brands offering different features of baffles. The prices vary from low to high. It is not always necessary that the one with a higher rate is the best choice. Make sure to buy the one that has all the essential features you require and is also within your budget.

#5: Mount/Hang
There are two common ways of installing the Squirrel baffles, i.e., hang with a hook or mount on a pole. Just to buy the best one, you need to ensure that the one you are selecting can be utilized in both ways.

Buying the best Squirrel baffles – Wrapping up

The tiny, intelligent & annoying creatures have always been problematic. They try to feed on bird seeds. Thus, they keep approaching feeders. Apart from being problematic, it can cost you a lot as you are required to refill the seeds repeatedly. To keep your birdfeeders safe, you must buy the best squirrel baffles, keeping in mind the above-listed consideration to make the right choice.

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