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Pest Animal Removal Eugene, Oregon!

Call us now at (541) 205-4727 for professional wildlife removal services in Eugene, OR.

- Animal trapping and relocation using humane traps
- Removal of animals in attics and chimneys and walls
- Animal damage repairs: chewed wood, wires, and more
- Prevention services to keep critters away permanently
- Home inspections to find animal entry holes and damage
- Attic restoration: cleanup and insulation replacement
- Dead animal removal both outside and in the walls
- Rodent control - permanent solution, poison-free
- Bat colony removal with 100% legal success rate
- Bird control services: pigeons, sparrows, etc
- Snake removal services: we come out 24/7

Our wildlife control strategies are humane, effective, environmentally friendly and also align with the laws of the state. Our company is one of the largest wildlife control companies in the metropolitan area, and has an expert assigned to your area. Our nuisance wildlife professionals respond to your call and arrive at your property as soon as you want us to. Our company uses up-to-date training methods, and our experts attend industry seminars to stay abreast with the latest wildlife control equipment and strategies in the industry. Our company is veteran owned and operated, fully licensed and insured. Our services are designed for both residential and commercial properties - no job is too big or too small for our seasoned professionals. We have been recognized as the best animal control company in the county and has been voted 3 consecutive times as the #1 company for nuisance wildlife. Our wildlife control experts work every day of the week and are always available to answer whenever you call. Our world-class services are affordable; you won’t break the bank to afford us. Our company has been in the business of wildlife control for 15 years and counting. We listen to your animal problems and are happy to give you free quotes over the phone