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What size hole can a skunk fit through?

What size hole can a skunk fit through? Among their several species, four of the most commonly found species of skunks known as; hooded skunks, Striped skunks, Hog-nosed skunks and Eastern spotted skunks are present in the North of The United States, Skunks can adjust in almost all environments. They only prefer to build their roosting near any place from where the water will be easily available because they are known not to be so good at traveling as they would just move maximum two miles away from their homes whether in search of their food or for any other purpose. Being the omnivores Skunks eat a vast variety of foods including plants, insects, fruits, vegetables and various small animals. They are not so choosy when it comes to deciding the meal, their eating preferences keep on changing from time to time or depending upon the seasons and most importantly upon the availability of food. Their ability to spray a strong pungent smell is very commonly known around the globe. Releasing this strong odor would be a little thing when it comes to several other damages that skunks could be responsible for, among them the most common would be of destroying your property by digging holes in them or entering your houses by any of the small open holes outside.

How small of a hole can a skunk fit through?

It would be a little impossible to believe that the skunk can easily fit through the hole of a minimum of four inches. You would not believe it because the general size of the skunks would not seem to be fitted in such a small hole. But there are few reasons that make them able to get through the holes of as small as four inches. Skunks are able to squeeze their bodies that make them fit or get through the small holes. Moreover their bodies are highly covered with large amounts of feathers or hairs that make them look big in size, but their actual bodies hidden behind those hairs are not so big. Those hairs help the skunks to slip through the small places and make it very easy for them to be at almost all places where they expect to find their food. You might be sure that none of the rodents could enter your house because you don't have such big holes, but it could be your misconception. Because almost all of these rodents have the ability to squeeze off their bodies that make them fit or get through even the smallest of holes and they strike up into your places making it so annoying for you to handle them. Along with entering your houses through the small holes outside, they could also build up their way to your place by digging beneath the ground, they have very sharp claws du to which they dig very finely to make their roosting or searching for their food.

Wrap up:

Like several other rodents skunks could be so difficult to handle because you could not even imagine the ways through which they can enter your houses. To prevent such problems, you should thoroughly block all of the openings of your homes, even the smallest of them and also install the mesh wire at least two inches deep down the ground.

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